Frequently Asked Questions

I have not done karate in many years. Is it too late to pick it up again?
Advanced Kenpo is a lifelong journey that will always be there even after a long hiatus from practice of the art. Once bitten by the Kenpo bug, Kenpoists always seek out Kenpo schools to continue their journey once their life settles down again. As they say, “you will leave Kenpo before it leaves you.”

I’m not in the best physical shape. I will start taking classes once I lose a few pounds.
This is where you start to get in shape. The classes are so fun and engaging that time flies. You’ll be so busy learning and practicing while you sweat and get conditioned.

I used to practice martial arts a long time ago. I can no longer do the very physical moves. 
One of the best things about Kenpo is the more a person learns new concepts and principles, the more tools that person has in their arsenal to use in many different situations. As the student matures in the martial art he becomes wiser, more effective and proficient and relies more on proper execution and technique rather than brawn to get the job done.