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Santa Clara Kenpo Academy Logo Martial Arts School KarateOur Mission

To promote and share the teachings of the Advanced Kenpo Training System by providing self-defense training and physical conditioning that is practical and effective. Our aim is to provide students with a place where they can develop skills and behavior that promotes confidence, discipline and self-awareness through individualized training.  We have COVID protocols in place to ensure student and instructor’s safety.

About Santa Clara Kenpo Academy

The first Santa Clara Kenpo school was opened over 40 years ago on El Camino Real in Santa Clara by Master John Sepulveda.

Santa Clara Kenpo Academy emphasizes the discipline, respect and structure of tradition at the same time encouraging the exploration of new ideas and finding ways to adapt to changing times. We place high importance on the individual, on our families, on the community we serve and on our commitment to our art.

The owner Sandra Dee (Agonoy) is a direct Black Belt student of Master Sepulveda. Our senior instructors are also all AKTS Black Belts. The staff at SCKA teach with passion not only to preserve the integrity of Advanced Kenpo and to continue the lineage but also to give back for getting the precious gift of a truly remarkable martial art.

What Makes Santa Clara Kenpo Academy Different

Our goal is to help people develop their abilities in the martial arts with emphasis on self-esteem, self-discipline, physical fitness and self-awareness. We focus on teaching each student how to make techniques work for them with the understanding that no two defenders and no two attackers are the same. What works for one person doesn’t always mean it will work for everyone else so we work with our students to apply what they learn on different people.

Our focus is to help build a strong and solid foundation by drilling the basics and to provide high quality interactive training.

We offer a number of comprehensive group and private classes to maximize opportunities to apply knowledge and to fit in people’s busy schedules.

Advanced Kenpo is a practical, versatile and very effective form of martial arts. It is practiced by people of different ages, sizes, shapes, gender and physical abilities. Our art is not a one size fits all. We adjust the techniques as needed to make it work for the students.

Each student advances at his or her own pace in a fun, supportive and safe environment.

Don’t take our word for it. We invite you to come visit us to watch a class to find out more and to see if this is the school for you.

What People Are Saying About Santa Clara Kenpo Academy

“I think instructors do a good job of making classes useful for people at many levels. Instructors are very good, both in knowledge and teaching ability. I like having options which day of the week because I can’t always come on the same day every week.”Eric A – Santa Clara

“I like low ratio of students and instructors, facility is clean and staff is very friendly and welcoming.” Christa D – Santa Clara

“Very nice environment. Flexible schedule. Great workouts and organized. Happy with instructor. Love it for my son.” Diana N – Santa Clara

“We enjoy everything about the school. All of the instructors take time to work with each of the kids. I can tell they really enjoy what they do. Love the family environment.” Brenda Y- Santa Clara

“Great workout mat! Good instructors all around, very knowledgeable.” Robert A -Daly City

“Very good instructors, students and classes. A great mat to train on. School is easy to find. Owner projects a positive attitude and are very courteous and helpful.”  Gilbert A – Campbell

“Like the instructors and school spirit.” Blaine W – Colorado

“The schedules are perfect. Love the instructors and love the whole program. I love them! They have patience! They love what they do, I can tell. Thank you for doing what you’re doing.”  Yvette C – Santa  Clara 

“The mats are fantastic! The diverse instructors are amazing. I love it all!!! Challenging but fun, simple but enlightening. Great balance. The best instructors in Kenpo today. We are very blessed to have such a fountain of knowledge!” Nick G – Santa Clara

“I like that most of the instructors went to the school. It’s a friendly, family place. I like that the teachers take my suggestions. Love my son’s instructor.” Sue Lin M – Santa Clara

“I think the schedules are great. Mat is awesome and the location is perfect. I value the insight into the art. I appreciate their effort and work.” Ben H – San Jose

“The school has the most stand up people. You won’t find some steroid overly arrogant person here… This school is about practical self-defense. There is no Woo Woo here. If you really want to learn how to defend yourself, this is where you go. This school will not put you in the movies doing flying spinning summersault. This is the REAL DEAL.” Tuan M – Milpitas

“Wonderful! We send our children here for a brief and very effective class every week. Instructor Sandra is amazing! She teaches kids self-defense while they are having a blast getting a great workout! Great class if you have a timid child as she encourages them to speak and follow instructions, instilling confidence!” Jenna Y – Saratoga

“My kids ages 4.5 and 6 have been going to SC Kenpo for a few months.  Instructor Sandra is great with them and they love going every week and learning something new. The class is about 20 minutes long and includes a few other kids. My kids are now able to do jumping jacks and know a few self-defense moves which is nice. There is no commitment for children this young so we pay as we go along, but once they reach 7, then it’s recommended that they sign up for a class to earn their belts. You can tell it’s a small, tight knit community of members and instructors which is an added plus.” Lily R – Santa Clara